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Variable Message Display

To complement the Adco Smart Sign we have an optional LED Variable Message Display.splay to the exisiting Fire Danger Rating Signs. The Adco Smart Sign technology comes to you ‘system ready’ to support the installation of the optional LED display which can be retrofitted at any time for immediate use.


This European designed and manufactured, low power consumption, LED display can provide highly visible short messages in fonts up to 155mm high 24 hours a day. The LED display uses Variable Message Service technology, so that your Fire Brigade can display a combination of authorised messages in real time.


eg. “TOTAL FIRE BAN” with underneath ‘Fire Permit Required”


The sign casing is manufactured to meet ingress protection standards such as IP65 for outdoor installations, along with other recognised standards.Adco displays are supplied by our European partner, Hanover Displays Ltd, 


Hanover Australia, currently manages and supports over 4000 mobile and static passenger system displays for public and private transport organisations across Australia. Hanover displays come with a ‘back to base’ 10 year warranty and lifetime support.

Viewing area:

Lighting type:


Maximum character height:

Static characters:

Scrolling text:

1280 x 150

Daylight viewable LED's



15 characters +

1 & 2 lines

Single sided IP65 case

-10 to +60C temp. range

Automatic brightness control

Low energy consumption

Hanover LED Specifications

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