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Welcome to smarter Fire Danger Rating Signage,

powered by the new Hi-Vis Smart Sign

Our high-tech Hi-Vis Smart Sign solution brings you more intelligence and better value than anything else, with the industry’s lowest cost of entry automated Fire Danger Rating signage.

The Hi-Vis Smart Sign
A Fire Danger Rating Sign meets powerful software.

The automated Fire Danger Rating
solution you've been waiting for

Simple Installation
The lightweight design not only makes the installation easy
but also keeps the installation costs down

Plug & Play
Once the sign is installed it is up and running in 10 minutes

Our engineered design provides the option to connect sensors
and additional equipment such as weather stations, flood sensors,
traffic counters etc

Electronic Fire Danger Rating Sign

High Visibility both Day and Night
The LED Night Light turns on automatically and illuminates
the entire sign face making the current Fire Danger Rating

24/7 Variable Message Display
The VMS has a light sensor which adjusts the luminosity of
the LED’s depending on the time of day which allows us to
run the VMS continuously


Installation is as easy as it gets

Step One
Install the  Hi-Vis Smart Sign on standard roadside signage poles (80mm Galvanised)

Step Two
Connect the Antenna, Batteries and Solar Array

Step Three
Call us and commision the sign over the phone. We set the to the relevant fire area and the sign is up and running with live

RSS feeds


Quality components equals less down time

Hanover Displays

The Variable Message Sign (VMS) is a European designed and manufactured, low power consumption, LED display can provide highly visible short messages in fonts up to 155mm high 24 hours a day.

Nebiter EC350

The Adco Smart Sign Communication Gateway provides instant connectivity with the Adco Web Desk using 3G

The most advanced solar charge controller on the market. When reliability and up-time are paramount, this is your controller.

Made is the USA

Optional low power LED Night Light that provides excellent sign illumination for your Fire Danger Rating Signs.

Live Fire Danger Ratings... No matter how remote!
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